PR 3.0: The Next Generation


                                Remember when...

                                You had to use dial-up to connect to a website? When you ate a Pogo, some DunkAroos
                                and watched an episode of Fresh Prince while you waited a half an hour to get online? Well,
                                we do. Things have changed. You're still a student, but soon enough you will be entering the
                                professional world. The connections you make are important. In the PR world, it's all about
                                'who you know' so it's time to start NETWORKING!

                                PR 3.0: The Next Generation is an exclusive Humber event. It's your opportunity to connect with  
                                top professionals in all sectors of the PR business. Join us for a networking session and an 
                                engaging panel discussion on Tuesday, November 30, in the HSF building. Get connected and
                                take the next steps towards building your future career in PR.
                                - Register for your networking session (C1 from 8:15am - 10am and C3 from 10:30am - 12:30pm)
                                - Print off and bring your Eventbrite e-ticket to the event for the chance to win amazing prizes
                                - Browse through our list of special professional guests
                                - Send us your own old school photo for the homepage 
                                - Add your own Remember when...
Event Agenda

                                 C1:   8:15 am           Registration and continental breakfast                      
                                          8:45 - 9:45am  Networking                                          
                                          9:45 - 10am     Mingle

                                C3:   10:30am           Registration and coffee break                                         
                                         11am - Noon    Networking                                         
                                         Noon - 12:30    Mingle

                                Everyone is welcome:           
                                         5:00pm             Registration
                                         5:15 - 6:30pm   Discussion Panel and raffle winners revealed                                       
                                         6:30pm             Mingle


You're not a baby or awkward teenager anymore, but let's take a moment to remember those days with a slideshow. Think about how much you've changed. Soon you'll be looking at your university photos and giggling. Your future is coming...